This is the blog of a Quebec, Canada-based software development professional. This blog is about technology and how it can be used to make life easier. It occasionally talks about other things, such as intellectual property law, politics, or short announcements from my small business, Vlinder Software.

As a rule, all the articles written here are by Ronald Landheer-Cieslak (rlc) unless noted otherwise — that would be me.

This blog was also the (initial) home of the C++ for the self-taught podcast. C++ for the self-taught is now a sister site to which I occasionally cross-post and for which I have ambitious plans that I have no time to execute.

The publication date of a post is not and indication of when it was written: I usually try to have a bit of a pipe of posts that are in various stages of readiness for publication, and try to make sure I proofread at least once before they go live. Mistakes do happen, posts occasionally get pulled and may or may not appear again.

Comments are moderated for topic and content, but not edited. It may take a while for any comment to appear on the site — longer if the comment is from a first-time commenter. Any comment that is not spam is replied to, but not necessarily posted unless it adds something to the content of the post commented on.

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