Readers of this blog may wonder what happened: the layout is completely different, but the thing is also a lot faster..??!

The reason for this is simple: I stopped using Wordpress. It was giving me more trouble than it was worth, so I decided to move the site, and all of its contents, to Jekyll. This has the advantage of being able to write directly in Vim, with the only minor disadvantage of having to build the site.

Some formatting will need to be fixed for older posts, and I will start doing that when I have a bit of time. In the mean time, I will try to just post stuff out.

Some of what I post may be PDF files: I’ve been using LaTeX a lot lately, and have some interesting stuff that presents better as PDFs. I’ll see how that turns out as well.

Also: please let me know about any bugs you see: the site is large enough for me to not be able to re-read everything, so there may be a few bugs I’ve missed.