This guy has to be completely bonkers: he wrote an application in C# (would not have my language of choice) to detect a human face in a live video feed and point a laser at it.

Aside from being dangerous for his eyesight and obviously a prime candidate for “don’t do this at home”, it is actually kinda neat: he programmed an Arduino to move the laser pointer around, talks to the thing from his C# app over s serial connection and does his “search for eyes to shoot at” with OpenCV, the open-source vision library.

He must have written there cover before doing most of his testing because it honestly doesn’t look like code written by a guy with fried retinas (you can see for yourself at his Git repo).

Honestly, in my two-going-on-three decades of programming I’ve never seen such a mind-numbingly-idiotic-yet-fun-looking project. Bravo, brava!