I’ve just been catching up on my Twitter account’s updates for today, where possibly the only non-tech person I follow, a politics journalist from the CBC called Kady O’Malley (@kady and @anotherkady) is still tweeting after 15 hours.

She started liveblogging the #NotW scandal in the UK this morning at 6 am and continued on the CRTC Usage-Based Billing hearings when those started.

This is the same Kady O’Malley that answers the questions sent to CBC Radio’s The House in the “That’s a good question” section.

I already knew CBC Radio provides well-informed, balanced journalism (I don’t watch TV so I don’t know about CBC TV) but now I know how they do it: this is one example the people at News International should follow – rather than hacking into people’s voicemail and giving journalism a bad name.