After a brief discussion on the subject on StackOverflow chat, I’ve decided to try my hand at Python, using the on-line IDE at Here is my rendering of “99 bottles of beer” in Python… I must say I find it a bit of a strange language, and I still have my reserves as far as its use of white space goes. For example:

bottles = 99
while bottles >= 0 :
	if bottles > 1:

why the colons after the while and if statements if the white space already delimits blocks? I can understand it for one-liners, but I would expect it to be unnecessary for block statements, if the indentation tells you where the block begins and ends..

There’ll probably be other musings as I work my way through the language… Comments, suggestions, questions and answers are welcome as always (but, as always, will only be posted here if they add to the content).