The only bugs I like are butterflies - and even then, only a specific blue butterfly that happens to be a drawing. Aside from those, I spend a lot of time rooting them out.

I advocate what you might call a bulldog approach to bugs: track them, hunt them down, kill them. Don’t let go until you’re sure they’re dead. This might seem overly agressive, but remember we’re talking about software errors here - not actual living beings. For the next few weeks, I will be exploring the art of bug-hunting on this blog - so we now have our first theme (yay!). If any-one wants to come up with a theme song, I’ll be happy to post them here :)

I also made a few wallpapers to go with the theme:

one wide screen:

and one not-so-wide screen:

Have fun - and feel free to let me know about your debugging stories.