Sometimes, techies and marketers - and especially people who are both - can get very out-of-touch with the real world and start spewing out nonsense like this:

The web has dramatically changed the software industry over the past 15 years. Today it’s hard to imagine business without the web. Nearly all businesses have or are creating a presence on the web to promote or sell their products and services, find new customers, or support existing ones. At the same time, the web has spawned a massive new ecosystem of web professionals – developers and designers who are focused on helping these businesses thrive. From: Somasegars weblog

Anyone who has ever worked for an NGO, who has ever listened to radio documentaries (or watched TV documentaries) or has ever picked up a paper without turning to the sports section knows that this is utter hogwash. The large majority of businesses in this world do not have websites, and the vast majority of people dont have Internet access. Think of all the micro-businesses, the small farms and the large majority of businesses in the developing countries and you’ll see what I mean.

I agree that theres a business in helping businesses get on the Internet and that theres a lot of activity there, but can we tone down the retoric a bit?