I promised I wouldn’t talk about this blog too much on the blog, and I promise I won’t do this often, but I thought it might be a good idea to notice that I’ve made a few minor changes.

First of all, the theme has changed. I think this one ergonomically a wee bit better and esthetically a bit more pleasing than the previous one. Pages have moved to the top (I’ll make some changes up there as well) and the color scheme is a bit different, making it easier to distinguish quotes from headers (something that was nearly impossible before). There are fewer ads, no more LinkInfo ads (they were annoying and didn’t add any real revenu) and easier access to the RSS feed for the blog - meaning it’s easier to subscribe now.

All posts have been categorized, meaning a few new categories have popped up. I’ve also added per-category feeds: select a category and look for the “This category” link under the “Feeds” menu, at the right-hand side. I’ll try to make sure that I categorize all new posts correctly.

I hope you enjoy these improvements and welcome your comments (either on-blog or by E-mail).