The website had more or less been replaced by for a while now, so it was about time to get a new site at this location. I’ve chosen to make this a personal technology blog. Of course, there’s already the Vlinder development blog, but that’s slated to move to the domain and is intended to talk about product development at Vlinder Software. There’s also Soli Deo Gloria, but that’s an outlet for my theology musings and hasn’t been very active of late (I’m too busy reading and writing fiction in the theology department to muse about theology on the blog).

So, this blog is about technology: how software is, or should be, created and how it fits in with other technology. You might see me rant about the quality of a perforator, which ate through my PayPal API manual yesterday, but that is unlikely to be a recurring event. You might see me rave about iPod Touch’s new OS version, which is really neat and which goes a long way to making my life easier, but I am not that much the raving type. More likely, you’ll see me write about what I read in ACM’s Communications, the IEEE literature, Dr Dobb’s Report, or about what I write in terms of sofwtare, and how I think software should be written.

I will try to refrain from outright publicity for my little software business, which is what is for and, when I run into odd practices, I will try not to identify the guilty. I will also try not to blog about the blog, so if you catch me saying “did you notice the new blue thingy in the corner”, please leave me a flame. I realize that this very post is about the blog, but I promise it’ll be the only one - at least until something makes me change my mind.