Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will have noticed an important change in the last few days: more content, from different sources.

This is what has happened: I’ve linked the blog to my Google Reader account in a new way. There was already an “Interesting Stuff” column on the right-hand-side, which will disappear shortly. In stead, the interesting stuff in question is now integrated directly into the blog.

The selection of articles is done by hand, by me. They are basically articles that I read, liked and decided to share with you. They are always on the same topics as this blog itself and may outnumber blog posts by yours truly: I do read more than I write.

When I post articles like this on the blog, that does not automatically mean that I agree with the content - just that I find it to be interesting. Nor does it mean that I agree with everything the author says, or that I recommend his/her site.

Comments will be possible on this blog regarding the contents of the posts - whether those posts were written by me or not. As always, all comments are moderated and that moderation is done on a basis of pertinence w.r.t. the contents of the post commented on, decency, etc.

If you have any feed-back w.r.t this new policy, please leave a comment to this post.

Thanks, and enjoy :)