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Moving to GitHub

I will be moving my open source projects (yes, all of them) to GitHub.

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shtrict: a very restricted shell for *nix

I needed a restricted shell for my shell server – the one that’s available from outside my firewall, so I wrote one. You can download it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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Events in SOA

In a recent article on ZDNet, Joe McKendrick writes that Roy Schulte, the Gartner analyst who helped define the SOA space more than a decade ago, says as SOA becomes embedded into the digital enterprise realm, organizations are moving services … Continue reading

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The heap algorithm

Last night, I had an idea for a new lock-free algorithm: a single-producer, single-producer queue with a wait-free push and a lock-free pop. The algorithm in question, which is remarkably efficient for, e.g., logging (which is why I called the … Continue reading

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Tell me twice

A few days ago, I explained to a colleague why certain communications protocols have a “tell me twice” policy – i.e. to allow for any command to have any effect, the same command – or a command to the same … Continue reading

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Binary Search

While going through some old code, for another article I’m writing that will come up on the blog, I came across an implementation of binary search in C. While the implementation itself was certainly OK, it wasn’t exactly a general-purpose … Continue reading

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Software development productivity

In the latest installment of my podcast, I asserted that “all software productivity problems are project management problems”. In this post, I will explain why I believe that to be the case and how I think those problems can be … Continue reading

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Having fun on a technical test

I guess it’s not a secret: I’m looking for a job, either short-term or long-term, so I put my CV on a few websites. I got called by head-hunters twice this week: once for a contract to start on Monday … Continue reading

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The Importance of Proof-Of-Concepts

Any problem is an invitation to find a solution. Any solution – at least in my line of work – is an amalgam of concrete implementations of abstract concepts. Each of those implementations may or may not meet the requirements … Continue reading

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Refreshing SQL

I first started working with SQL several years ago: MySQL was still in the 3.x versions, so I didnt use any stored procs, transactions, etc. Most of the business logic around the data was written in Perl. Though it was … Continue reading

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