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Why I decided Vlinder Software should stop selling Funky

If you follow the News feed from Vlinder Software’s site you know that I’ve posted an announcement saying Funky is now in its end-of-life cycle. This is our first product to enter end-of-life, but what it basically means is that … Continue reading

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Tell me twice

A few days ago, I explained to a colleague why certain communications protocols have a “tell me twice” policy – i.e. to allow for any command to have any effect, the same command – or a command to the same … Continue reading

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The Importance of Proof-Of-Concepts

Any problem is an invitation to find a solution. Any solution – at least in my line of work – is an amalgam of concrete implementations of abstract concepts. Each of those implementations may or may not meet the requirements … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn't inflate your resume

Many people inflate their resumes when they apply for a job. When I’m on the hiring side of the equasion, I tend to frown upon such practices: though I usually don’t care much about references, I do check the outliers. … Continue reading

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as clarity of summer –
yet not unlike spring. Continue reading

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