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Why I didn’t buy a new iPad today

Behavioural economists will tell you that the “happy high” you get from buying a new toy, a new device, a new computer, a new car or a new house usually wares off within three months. It’s called the ever-receding horizon … Continue reading

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Miss(ed) Communication

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Re: E-mail

The Globe&Mail dedicated half a page of the Report on Business section to managing your inbox today. People who work with me know that if you want to get ahold of me quickly, E-mail is not the way to go … Continue reading

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Is Open Source software security falling apart?

There have been a number of well-publicized security flaws in open source software lately — the most well-publicized of course being the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug1. Then there’s the demise of Truecrypt, recent bugs in GnuTLS and recent bugs in the … Continue reading

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Perl: Practical or Pathologically Eclectic? Both?

There are two canonical acronyms for Perl: “Practical Extraction and Report Language” and “Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister”. Arguably, Perl can be both.

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A few thoughts on BitCoin

Mindmap of a few thoughts on BitCoin I’d meant to turn into prose (still might)

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Why #fixthathouse?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might wonder why, all of a sudden, I started tweeting assertions with the #fixthathouse hashtag. The reason is simple, CBC The House made me do it.

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Common nonsense: the charter of Quebec Values

Four of these need not apply for a government job in Quebec if the new PQ charter of values becomes law. Can you pick the one that might still get the job?

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Opening a support ticket with Microsoft (or: how not to support your customers)

I had to open a support ticket with Microsoft today: I found a bug in the TCP/IP stack of Windows Embedded Compact 7 that I wanted them to know about (and to fix). I also wanted to know when it … Continue reading

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The underestimated legacy of Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie is the inventor of the C programming language, which is the ancestor of a whole family of programming languages that includes C++, Java and C# — probably the three most popular programming languages today — as well as … Continue reading

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