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Software Analyst in embedded systems and C++ programmer. I specialize in systems design and concurrency, and am interested in generic meta-programming and functional programming and their practical applications. I take a pragmatic approach to project management, focusing on the management of risk and scope. I have over a decade of experience as a software professional and a background in science.

Eliminating waste as a way to optimize

I recently had a chance to work on an implementation of an Arachnida-based web server that had started using a lot of memory as new features were being added. Arachnida itself is pretty lean and comes with a number of … Continue reading

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Technical documentation

Developers tend to have a very low opinion of technical documentation: it is often wrong, partial, unclear and not worth the trouble of reading. This is, in part, a self-fulfilling prophecy: such low opinions of technical documentation results in them … Continue reading

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The story of “Depends”

Today, I announced on behalf of my company, Vlinder Software, that we would no longer be supporting “Depends”, the dependency tracker. I think it may be worthwhile to tell you a by about the history of Depends, how it became … Continue reading

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Bayes’ theorem in non-functional requirements analysis — an example

I am not a mathematician, but I do like Bayes’ theorem for non-functional requirements analysis — and I’d like to present an example of its application.1 I was actually going to give a theoretical example of availability requirements, but then … Continue reading

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Globe and Mail: Canada lacks law that defines, protects trade secrets

According to the Globe and Mail (Iain Marlow, 20 May 2015) the 32-count indictment against six Chinese nationals who allegedly used their positions to obtain intellectual property from universities and businesses in the U.S. and then take that knowledge home … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t buy a new iPad today

Behavioural economists will tell you that the “happy high” you get from buying a new toy, a new device, a new computer, a new car or a new house usually wares off within three months. It’s called the ever-receding horizon … Continue reading

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Implementing time-outs (safely)

Thyme is a herb that grows in gardens.

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Bungee coding

For the last few weeks, I’ve been doing what you might call bungee coding: going from high-level to low-level code and back. This week, a whole team is doing it — fun!

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Adding SPI support to the BrainF interpreter

While at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Reno, I had a bit of time to start coding on my BrainF interpreter again — once I had found an outlet, that is1. My goal was to add … Continue reading

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Miss(ed) Communication

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