cpp4theselftaught.com temporarily down

The C++ for the self-taught site is temporarily down for “unscheduled maintenance” (i.e. a bug).

I haven’t had time to look into fixing it yet: I just found out it was misbehaving about an hour ago, during my routine check of my websites. I’ll try to fix it tonight and update this post when I have news. 

If you want to help out: you could donate to my BitCoin address 1JE9wominCU1mw1JtD7JWu8vfYfcGQ9pKj.

Update (21:58 EDT): 
An automatic updates seems to have bugged out and left the site inoperable. According to the logs this happened sometime during my vacation. The site looks OK now — please let me know if you see anything awry.

About rlc

Software Analyst in embedded systems and C++, C and VHDL developer, I specialize in security, communications protocols and time synchronization, and am interested in concurrency, generic meta-programming and functional programming and their practical applications. I take a pragmatic approach to project management, focusing on the management of risk and scope. I have over two decades of experience as a software professional and a background in science.
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