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Why CS shouldn’t be taught before high school (and coding for kids is a bad idea)

An introduction to computer science was part of my high school curriculum. I was about 16 years old at the time and had been coding in Basic and Pascal for a few years already – I was just getting started … Continue reading

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Sometimes, use-cases just aren’t what you need

I’ve written about use-cases on this blog before (parts one, two and three of the sidebar on use-cases in my podcast come to mind) but I haven’t really talked about when to avoid them. When you get a new piece … Continue reading

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Robustness analysis: the fundamentals

Up until 2008, the global economy was humming along on what seemed like smooth sailing, doing a nice twenty knots on clear waters, with only an occasional radio message saying there were icebergs up ahead. Surely none of that was … Continue reading

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