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Eclipse: kudos

One of the things I like about Eclipse is the way it is designed. I’m not talking about the GUI when I say that – although the GUI is arguably well-designed as well: I mean the way hundreds of pieces … Continue reading

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You, according to Google Analytics

This blog uses Google Analytics, which provides a treasure-trove of information about the site’s visitors. To use that information to improve the site, it has to be parsed. Here’s a sketch of what a typical user may look like – … Continue reading

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shtrict: a very restricted shell for *nix

I needed a restricted shell for my shell server – the one that’s available from outside my firewall, so I wrote one. You can download it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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New GnuPG key

For those who want to be able to verify .deb packages I make: I have a new GnuPG key. Type bits/keyID Date User ID pub 2048R/6D3CD07B 2011-07-20 Ronald Landheer-Cieslak (Software Analyst) Hash=E0C9DE42CFF88A35CACE3EB488A1783E Fingerprint=9DAC FA3D D7A5 001F A0B2 DA59 5E0C 4AF1 … Continue reading

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From #NotW in the GMT morning to #UBB in the EDT afternoon — an example of devoted journalism

I’ve just been catching up on my Twitter account’s updates for today, where possibly the only non-tech person I follow, a politics journalist from the CBC called Kady O’Malley (@kady and @anotherkady) is still tweeting after 15 hours. She started … Continue reading

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“Changer son fusil d’├ępaule”

Sometimes, when all else fails, you have to change your tack.

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Happy Canada Day

On the occasion of Canada day, I thought I’d put up the Canada-themed autumn wallpapers I’d prepared.

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