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From Copyright

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Using Ranges and Functional Programming in C++

C++ is a very versatile language. Among other things, you can do generic meta-programming and functional programming in C++, as well as the better-known facilities for procedural and object-oriented programming. In this installment, we will look at the functional programming … Continue reading

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Starting Python – 99 bottles of beer

After a brief discussion on the subject on StackOverflow chat, I’ve decided to try my hand at Python, using the on-line IDE at Here is my rendering of “99 bottles of beer” in Python…

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Why I Recommend BrainF— (and what I recommend it for)

BrainFuck is an esoteric Turing-complete programming language that consists of only the bare minimum commands for Turing-completeness. It is exactly this bare-minimum-ness that makes it an interesting language – although at first a bit awkward to wrap your head around. … Continue reading

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