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The C++ standard committee has been meeting in Madrid and has, according to the latest news, approved the new C++ standard. As Michael Wong said on his C/C++ Cafe Blog, C++0x is now C++0b — though it might be C++0c … Continue reading

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The concept of a range is one of the fundamental concepts in the design of the STL and of the C++ programming language. In this installment, we will take a close look at what a range is, and we will … Continue reading

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Geek Mythology: Women and the Start of Software Engineering

According to Geek mythology, when Charles Babbage had invented the Analytical Engine, he sat back and said: “Behold! I have created the first pocket calculator!”. Of course, he hadn’t actually built the thing yet, and lacket the practical skill to … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Software Engineering Practice Faced With The Knowledge That “Bugs Must Exist”

Though laudable, the quest for bug-free software is doomed to failure. This should be news to no-one as the argument for this is as old as I am.

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A bulldog approach to bugs

The only bugs I like are butterflies – and even then, only a specific blue butterfly that happens to be a drawing. Aside from those, I spend a lot of time rooting them out. I advocate what you might call … Continue reading

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