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Applying the Barton-Nackman idiom

It is amazing how much code you can cram into a single line, and how much magic happens behind the scenes when you do.

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A “brilliant” idea (?)

For a few days now, I’ve been carrying an idea around for a new app I could really use for my projects: something that integrates requirements management, risk management, workflow, billing, bug/issue tracking, action items, etc. with the code repositories. … Continue reading

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The Art and Science of Risk Management

I like to take a rational approach to risk management: identify risks and opportunities, their probability and their impact, maximize the impact and probability of opportunities and minimize those of risks. In this article, I explain a bit of my … Continue reading

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The Observer Pattern

In this installment of C++ for the self-taught, we will be looking at the Observer pattern: we will be starting the implementation of the proxy-part of our SOCKS server by accepting connections and servicing them. In this installment, there will … Continue reading

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A new look and a new address

Due to some technical difficulties I was having with the previous installation of the software running this site, I decided to re-install the software from scratch and, while at it, change the address from to The look has … Continue reading

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