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More than the absence of problems

Quality can be defined in many ways: ISO defines quality relative to requirements as a measure of how well the object’s characteristics meet those requirements. Those requirements can be specified (documented) or implied (customary). This has the advantage of making … Continue reading

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When the cup is full, carry it level

It is both a problem and a privilege to have too much work. It is a problem because, at some point, things don’t get done and it is a privilege because it means, among other things, that people are trusting … Continue reading

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Polymorphism in action

In this installment, we will look at what happens in the following lines of code: using namespace Vlinder::Chausette::SSPI; MechanismFactory factory;   ScopedMechanism mechanism(makeScopedMechanism(factory, factory.getDefaultMechanism())); and I assure you: it’s mind-boggling.

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