The site is currently undergoing maintenance. I should have everything up and running again in a few hours. Thank you for your patience,


About rlc

Software Analyst in embedded systems and C++, C and VHDL developer, I specialize in security, communications protocols and time synchronization, and am interested in concurrency, generic meta-programming and functional programming and their practical applications. I take a pragmatic approach to project management, focusing on the management of risk and scope. I have over two decades of experience as a software professional and a background in science.
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  1. Maintenance is finished now. I’ve changed all the permalinks (again) and moved the site to the root of (where it really should have been from the beginning).

    All the old links (the ones with wordpress in them) will continue to work for a while still, but should now be considered deprecated. Please update your bookmarks.

    Sorry for any inconvenience all this may cause, but the site will be improved through the process.

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