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Annoying Script Kiddies

I don’t host any of my sites, except for, myself: my Internet connection isn’t reliable enough, power outages are too frequent, and it’s basically too much of a hassle. So, my sites are hosted by a professional hosting service … Continue reading

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Events in SOA

In a recent article on ZDNet, Joe McKendrick writes that Roy Schulte, the Gartner analyst who helped define the SOA space more than a decade ago, says as SOA becomes embedded into the digital enterprise realm, organizations are moving services … Continue reading

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Why IPv6 Matters

Given the rapid growth of the Internet, and the number of Internet-enabled devices, we are running out of IPv4 addresses – fast. This is a problem mostly for ISPs and large businesses who allocate their own public IP addresses from … Continue reading

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The site is currently undergoing maintenance. I should have everything up and running again in a few hours. Thank you for your patience, Ronald

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User accounts on this blog cleaned up

I’ve cleaned up all user accounts of users I didn’t know and who hadn’t contributed to the blog today. The vast majority of them were registered before a CAPTCHA was required, so I’ll assume they were spam. If your username … Continue reading

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New, interesting stuff on this blog

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will have noticed an important change in the last few days: more content, from different sources. This is what has happened: I’ve linked the blog to my Google … Continue reading

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Refactoring Exceptions

As I mentioned in the previous installment, our current way of handling exceptions leaves a few things to be desired. In this installment, we will fix that problem.

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Negotiation: first steps

As discussed last month, the requirement for encapsulation pushes us towards allowing the user to know that there’s a negotiation between the two peers, and does not alleviate the requirement that the user understand the errors. So in this installment, … Continue reading

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