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Is technology making us sick?

In my view, technology should make our lives easier – that’s what I try to work for, that’s what this blog is about and that, in general, is what at least fundamental research is aimed at. But are we going … Continue reading

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Updated: Not-so-permanent permalinks (all permalinks changed)

Due to the addition of an important feature on the site, all permalinks for all posts have changed. Following the old links will send you to an error page where the the proposed options should include the page you’re looking … Continue reading

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Error handling in C++

As far as error handling is concerned, C++ has all of the features and capabilities of C, but they are wholly inadequate in an object-oriented language. One very evident way in which C-style error handling is inadequate in an object-oriented … Continue reading

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New Pre-Eclampsia Detection – More Trouble Than It's Worth?

Pre-eclampsia is a potentially deadly complication of pregnancy that is dangerous both to the mother and the child. There is no way to prevent it and treatment usually involves injection of Magnesium Sulfate and the early provocation of birth. Early … Continue reading

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Bill #c32 seems to be getting less controversial

Copyright is an important part of my work: every time I sign a work-related contract, I have to make sure that I don’t sign away the rights of previous works to which I retain the rights, nor the rights to … Continue reading

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Home Search, Where Art Thou?

In my day to day life, there are few things I truly dislike doing: I’m a pretty happy person. There is one thing, though, that I really don’t like – at all – and that strikes me as a truly … Continue reading

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"Given the existence of A, B will create itself, therefore, C had nothing to do with it"

Stephen Hawking’s new book promises a lot of hype. CNN Already published two separate articles about it on their site even hough no-one has read it yet. I’ve added it to my Amazon Science Books Wishlist, and will buy it … Continue reading

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Opacity: Encapsulation at its best (and worst)

One thing you may have noticed when looking at the code of our abstract factory, is that the base classes (interfaces) of each of our abstract objects don’t have much to tell their users: there are hardly any accessors or … Continue reading

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