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Event handling in C and C++

One of the most-occurring subpatterns I keep running into lately is an event-handling subpattern. I say subpattern because it is not a pattern in and of itself: it can be part of an observer pattern, a state machine, or of … Continue reading

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The heap algorithm

Last night, I had an idea for a new lock-free algorithm: a single-producer, single-producer queue with a wait-free push and a lock-free pop. The algorithm in question, which is remarkably efficient for, e.g., logging (which is why I called the … Continue reading

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Women in computing

When I ran a team of R&D programmers, a while ago, at one point, we had one person from a visible minority, one person with a slight handicap, two women, two immigrants (one of which was one of the two … Continue reading

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Tell me twice

A few days ago, I explained to a colleague why certain communications protocols have a “tell me twice” policy – i.e. to allow for any command to have any effect, the same command – or a command to the same … Continue reading

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Once burned, twice shy

"Is Good Code Possible?" John Blanco asks on his blog. He goes on to tell a harrowing story on how he had to develop an iPhone app for a big retailer (“Gorilla Mart”) in less than two weeks. Why he … Continue reading

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Socks 5: Credentials on Windows

In this installment, we will continue our implementation of GSSAPI/SSPI, this time on Windows, where we’ll try to get some credentials. We will look at two topics this time: first, we’ll look at data encapsulation, after which we’ll look at … Continue reading

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