Git server is back

This is an all-new server, but at the same address as before ( Note, though, that as it’s an all-new server, the server’s SSH key has changed. If you were using SSH for any of your access to the server, there’s a good chance that you will both have to register with the server again and that SSH will complain that the server key has changed. Remove the corresponding key from ~/.ssh/known_hosts and it will be fine.

If anything is missing, let me know.

About rlc

Software Analyst in embedded systems and C++, C and VHDL developer, I specialize in security, communications protocols and time synchronization, and am interested in concurrency, generic meta-programming and functional programming and their practical applications. I take a pragmatic approach to project management, focusing on the management of risk and scope. I have over two decades of experience as a software professional and a background in science.
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