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Confusing the compiler

Sometimes it’s real fun to see how easily you can confuse the compiler. In the error below, function is a macro that takes three parameters: filename.c(453) : error C2220: warning treated as error – no ‘object’ file generated filename.c(453) : … Continue reading

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[Re-post from Greg Wilson: ] Bits of Evidence

Bits of Evidence View more presentations from Greg Wilson.

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7- Polymorphism

In this last installment before we start our development project (and yes, there is a development project coming) we will talk a bit about the C++ type system, how to use it, how it ties in with object-oriented programming and … Continue reading

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Error handling in C

One of the things I do as a analyst-programmer is write software – that would be the “programmer” part. I usually do that in C++ but, sometimes, when the facilities of C++ aren’t available (e.g. no exception handling and no … Continue reading

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Distributed Software Development Part 3: Tools Of The Trade

For software development, there are a few things we need on a daily basis: our source code, our documentation, our integrated development environment (IDE) and our hardware. Without any one of these, a software developer is as useless as… well… … Continue reading

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6- Resource Allocation and RAII

In standard C++, there is no garbage collector: there is no built-in mechanism that will magically clean up after you if you make a mess. You do, however, have the possibility to allocate resources, such as memory or files, and … Continue reading

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