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Microsoft Team Foundation Server vs Git

For the last few weeks, and in the coming months, I’ve had to (and will have to) work with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS).

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Implicit, Contextual Requirements

We tend to forget what we know implicitly: if we’ve been working in the same domain for long enough, we tend to forget that not everybody knows the same things and has the same experience we do. For example, some-one … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life Of A C++ Analyst/Programmer

While listening to Spark, on CBC Radio, I had the idea it might be nice for non-developers (and aspiring developers) to know what a typical day might look like.

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3- Data Structures

Before we delve into the realm of object-oriented programming (which we will get into in the next post), there is a notion that is so basic, and so important to any type of programming, that we have to treat it … Continue reading

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The Quest For Bug-Free Software

In recent literature from the scientific side of software engineering, there’ve been a lot of publications on producing and maintaining high-quality software. A lot of focus is being put on tools, systems, procedures and processes that aim to reduce the … Continue reading

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2-Control Structures

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few control structures in C++. There are only a few of them, so we’ll start by listing them all and giving you some examples of each, but we’ll first take a … Continue reading

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