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Developer's Guidelines & High-Quality Software

Yesterday, I was asked what I saw as the most important factors to ensure the development of quality software. What I cited was good design, good implementation following good standards, and good testing. On the testing end, I have a … Continue reading

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Security at the Design Phase – Examples & Review

A recent report from the SEI confirms once more what I have been saying for a few years now: security is a design-time concern as much as it is a concern at any other time during the application life-cycle. The … Continue reading

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Can Agile and CMMI Come Together?

I just finished reading a report by the Software Engineering Institute that accomplishes something that earlier literature, including “SCRUM Meets CMMi – Agility and discipline combined” didn’t accomplish: it takes a rational step back from both methods, shows where they’re … Continue reading

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Installing Git on CentOS 5.2

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the first one to run into this, so I thought I’d blog how this works. As I said earlier, one of my clients uses CentOS 5.2 in their production environment, so I need a … Continue reading

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Out-of-touch techies, marketing retoric, and nonsense. You do the math.

Sometimes, techies and marketers – and especially people who are both – can get very out-of-touch with the real world and start spewing out nonsense like this: The web has dramatically changed the software industry over the past 15 years. … Continue reading

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A new theme

I promised I wouldn’t talk about this blog too much on the blog, and I promise I won’t do this often, but I thought it might be a good idea to notice that I’ve made a few minor changes. First … Continue reading

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Running a LAMP: Debian vs. CentOS

One of my clients uses CentOS for the production platform of their (web) application (written in PHP). They’ve asked me to take over the development and maintenance of their web application, so, naturally, I set up a new server with … Continue reading

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Having fun on a technical test

I guess it’s not a secret: I’m looking for a job, either short-term or long-term, so I put my CV on a few websites. I got called by head-hunters twice this week: once for a contract to start on Monday … Continue reading

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The Importance of Proof-Of-Concepts

Any problem is an invitation to find a solution. Any solution – at least in my line of work – is an amalgam of concrete implementations of abstract concepts. Each of those implementations may or may not meet the requirements … Continue reading

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Refreshing SQL

I first started working with SQL several years ago: MySQL was still in the 3.x versions, so I didnt use any stored procs, transactions, etc. Most of the business logic around the data was written in Perl. Though it was … Continue reading

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